Through movement, we express

Through movement, stories are told
Through movement, emotions are expressed
Through movement, shapes are created

I thought I’ll bring this over from my other blog, amediocrityproject, for everyone to enjoy!


What’s on your mind?

At the moment there’s not much on my mind, but in a couple days there will more than enough to ponder about. Isn’t it funny how some days your mind is free to roam without a care in the world but on other days, you become bogged down with heavy thoughts?

So what’s on your mind?


Quarter life crisis

Currently I’m experiencing a quarter life crisis where I feel that I’m stuck in a rut. Elaborate dreams fill up my mind but reality always manages to smack me in the face. It’s during times like this where I wonder if it’s my personality that’s holding me back or if it’s something else. Fear is indeed a factor, but what always remains on my mind is, “What about your real future? Your career? How are you going to support yourself?”

They say you should find something you love and make that your career, but how often is that truly attainable as a steady source of income? Yes you may love something but you first must be able to support yourself. I want to find out what I truly love and to fashion it as my job to support me. Is that asking for too much?

One’s outlook is a great indicator of one’s success, but sometimes you just fall into a deep crevice and need help climbing back out.

I feel as if I’m the only motionless object surrounded by a sea of swirling currents.