Take a Step

With the rates of obesity and health conditions on the rise, I think we can all benefit from taking a step. Yes, we all know it is better to take the stairs than to take the elevator, or to opt for a lighter dressing for our salads, but overtime these repetitive tips lose their appeal. It is not to say that they are not effective, but I know that I, for one, turn a blind eye to these tips because of how repetitive they are.

Instead, I think a more interesting way to incorporate physical activity into your day is to change things up. Circuit training if you will, but without the darn gym equipment. By challenging yourself to try different activities, you don’t get bored of them as quickly, and for me, I find that I’ll continue to work at it for longer.

Apply those lessons you’ve learned to become an efficient busy body at work and apply it to your exercise habits.


2 thoughts on “Take a Step

  1. Good point! We think we need to do complicated, demanding, kick ass work outs, when sometimes all it takes to get started is a step. Walking has changed the life of many. Not everyone was born to run.


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