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Mental Health: Be Proactive

Mental health is a topic that is on the rise and for good reason. Mental illness places an incredible burden on the individual, his/her family and friends, and the environment around them. It has nearly become normalcy to see  a mentally unwell individual resort to physical abuse towards others to garner some kind of attention. A cry for help. In frustration.

What we need is to start tackling the stigma that’s associated with mental illness. We as a society don’t even bat an eyelash when we say we need medication for our physical illnesses, however once we say we need medication for our mind, everyone turns a blind eye. Why is it acceptable to treat someone with distaste when they require medicine for their mind? I understand it is frightening on many levels but this fear is largely because we are ignorant. Often times what we fear are things we do not understand. If we as a whole can put our egos aside, and say, ‘Hey, I am scared. And that’s ok. I can learn about the situation and from having a better understanding, I can put aside those fears’, I think we can be in a better place.

Tackling the stigma of mental illness has no overnight solution. I think we can start by focusing on the communities around us.

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear!


7 thoughts on “Mental Health: Be Proactive

  1. This is a great post. A doctor recently asked me the same question. “Why would you stop taking medication for something that impedes your life the same way that a physical illness does?” (I take anti-anxiety and anti-depressants). Sometimes I think that I don’t need to, but I know that life is much easier to get through with them (and even then, can be quite trying).
    Thanks for posting this.. was good timing for me.


  2. i think for me the biggest hurdle would be in the corporate world (my day job). calling out sick because i’m having a day where panic attacks are likely counts the same as a day where i have the flu. i get the flu as well! i think it could be accomplished with a psychiatrist’s note or something along those lines. i’ve come to the office very sick simply because i have no sick days left.


    • Yes, that’s another issue people face in the corporate world. Unfortunately at the moment these’s not really a solution but hopefully overtime, with a better understanding on how debilitating mental illness can be, people can get days off.


  3. I think I am much more afraid of something affecting my mind than of anything else. To me, my ability to think and reason, to use my mind, is what makes me human. Is what makes me ME. I don’t really want to take any chances of screwing it up!
    I don’t like using drugs for the rest of my bodily aches and pains either. I don’t trust ‘modern medicine’ and now that all doctors are required to post all your medical records electronically, there is NO WAY I would ever trust anything potentially damaging to me to any doctor in the USA.
    Does that make me paranoid? Probably. But I think it’s better to keep some things private (including any mental health issues).


    • I can definitely see your reasoning! It is tough, that balance between what to expose and what to keep. Hopefully more people speak up and bring this topic to a place where we can all discuss respectfully. Thanks for taking the time to comment!


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