An Observation: Jamming in the Car

Singing and dancing in your seat whilst in your car, we all do this, don’t we? I’ve always found it quite intriguing just how comfortable we can get when in our personal mode of transportation. It is almost as if the car acts like a personal bubble of space; as long as I remain in this said bubble, I can sing as loudly as I want and dance as much as I can (in a confined seat of course). This is quite hilarious, as your car is nothing more than a metal frame with windows that make up 50% of the entire vehicle.

Arms waving, shoulders shimming, you name it.  It’s reckless abandon when a good song comes onto the radio. No longer do you fear that your voice is not up to par. You’re proud of it, and have no shame. No proper dance moves? No problem, just wave those arms around to some sort of beat.

What are your thoughts?


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