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Food Stereotypes: Asian

Preface: This is only something I’ve observed. It is not meant to disrespect or offend anyone.

Chinese and Asian food has quite the bad rep, and I’m not entirely sure why. Yes we eat some “weird” and “disgusting” things, namely select parts of an animal, and I understand that to other cultures who don’t consume these things it usually is quite gross. That’s not really an issue because if you were never exposed to the wide variety of delicacies available from other cultures, it’s natural to be put off. However what I do find to be bothersome is the stereotype that it’s Asians, who eat gross things.

Walk into any Asian supermarket or restaurant and you’re bound to find: chicken feet, intestines, tongue, pork heads, etc. I could be here all day. What’s always neglected when it comes to categorizing certain foods as “something Asians eat”, is that other cultures eat these things too. Just in a different manner. For example, that fancy foie gras you hear about? That’s fattened duck liver. And this is a delicacy made popular by the French. Haggis, a chopped mixture of liver, heart, stomach, and lungs of a sheep, is a popular dish in Scotland. And these are just the normal “gross” dishes.

In the end the majority of the food we eat stems from what our ancestors could find and use. I just wish that people would stop tacking on this particular stereotype to Asian food, nothing more.

A penny for your thoughts? Tell me what you find gross!


4 thoughts on “Food Stereotypes: Asian

  1. Being multiracial (Filipino and Chinese included), I was no stranger to exotic foods. I value this post and the message that really does need to be put out there. We’re entitled to have our own likes/dislikes but no culture deserves to be looked down upon or negatively stereotyped for delicacies of their own. Thankfully, I feel like far more people are growing fond of Asian food in comparison to let’s say, 20 years ago.


    • Hello, thank you for dropping by and following my blog, it’s very much appreciated. I wholeheartedly agree with you and I’m glad there are more people growing fond of Asian food, I hope more people will come to our general consensus 🙂


  2. Black pudding is also disgusting.

    Where I live Chinese, Indian, Thai and Middle Eastern food are popular and I always find a Chinese and Indian in any town in the UK I go to.

    That said I’ve found US folk skeptical about Indian-subcontinental Asian food and more appreciative of Chinese and Japanese.

    Thankfully I’m vegan so no repulsive delicacies or cruel dishes in general.


    • I suppose perhaps there’s more Chinese and Japanese people in US, so they’re a little more open to their culture and food? I’m not from the States, nor really know much about their culture, so I could be way off.


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