Lifestyle Change: Summer Diet

Hello ladies and gents, I’m here to bring you some of my summer diet changes. And no, diet here means your eating habits, not those infamous weight loss restrictions. Here’s to a healthier you, one season at a time.

Homemade Frozen Treats                                                                                                                                                                                                 That darn mercury keeps rising, so why not make your own sweet treats? Not only will you be saving yourself some major cash, but you’ll be consuming less artificial sugar and more real fruit.

  • Fruit popsicles – Chop up some of your favourite fruit(s) into bite sized chunks and put them into a popsicle mold. Then pour in some sparkling water and freeze! This will have less calories than your store bought popsicles but more importantly, you will have cut out artificial sugars. You can also swap out the sparkling water for a smoothie or plain yogurt.
  • Ice cream – Yes you can make ice cream at home but that still contains quite a bit of sugar and cream. Why not use a frozen banana? Cut a banana into thin slices and freeze. Once frozen, throw them into a blender and blend until creamy. Throw it back into the freezer for the ‘ice cream’ to harden back up a bit and voila! Top this off with some fruit and you have yourself a healthy ice cream. If bananas aren’t your thing, you can use frozen berries and make a sorbet.

Hydration                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Drinking enough water to keep yourself hydrated is something we all know we need to do but sometimes plain water is kind of boring.

  • Jazz things up by adding in some sliced fruit for some added taste and vitamins. If you choose to add into sliced fruit, make sure you only reuse the fruit twice. Anything more than that doesn’t add any benefits. Another drink I like to make, especially in the hotter months, is lemon water. It clears out your insides but make sure you don’t use too much lemon juice. It is acidic on your teeth after all!
  • Frozen bottles – Fill up a freezer safe bottle with at least half of its contents with water and lay the bottle on its side. The water will freeze and cool the remainder of the water you add in later. You can also freeze an entire bottle of water. If you decide to freeze the entire bottle of water, bear in mind it may take a little bit of time for it to melt back into liquid for consumption.
  • Frozen grapes – Using frozen grapes instead of ice in your drinks keeps your drinks from being watered down! You can also freeze juice in ice cube trays and add that to your juice of choice.

Swap Dinner Options                                                                                                                                                                                                      With rising temperatures, one of the last things I want to do is cook. Standing in front of a hot stove at the end of the day? No thank you.  So to compromise, I try to make dishes that require little to no stove top work or cook at a different time of day. My go to dinner is a small, cold pasta salad with a ton of veggies. What I like to do is cook an entire box of pasta, or however much you like, in the early morning when the heat hasn’t really hit. I let that cool and then store it in the fridge. Then when meal time comes, I’ll add in chopped up veggies and a light homemade dressing. Sometimes I’ll add in some bocconcini balls or some meat. And depending on how much you eat, this can last for a couple meals.

  • Skip take out! If you can, skip take out. I’ve had experiences where I’ll order take out or premade dinner options and they would be near spoiling. Some take out places don’t have adequate air conditioning, so there’s a chance the food you order has been out in the heat for some time.
  • Carb cutdown – Personally I cut down on carbs during the summer months because I don’t crave it as much. During the summer I find that I tend to go for lighter options. For example, I’ll have a smaller portion of pasta salad and load up on different in-season veggies. This is by no means medical advice, so listen to your body and if trying this out for a week doesn’t feel right, that’s ok!

I hope this was helpful in some manner. Let me know what your diet is like in the summer!


2 thoughts on “Lifestyle Change: Summer Diet

  1. In home Popsicle is what I need to beat the summer heat wave! I’m going to try your suggestion! Lemon water is very refreshing; I’ve also heard that mint water is good for cooling off and keeping your equilibrium in balance. Have you tried before? 🙂 – Lena


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