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Fall is now upon us and that means it’s time for me to layer on up on my favourite pieces and to stock up on my favourite drinks.

I’m a huge fan of simple dresses in neutral colours because they’re easy to work with year round, and no one can ever go wrong with a little black dress. Currently, I’m in the market for a black, long sleeved, knee length dress that’s flattering for a petite pear shape. This hunt has proven to be a bit of a challenge, as all the black dresses that I’ve come across are either too short or have no sleeves. This Topshop piece that I’ve found is the closest that I’ve come to finding a dress that meets my requirements and is fitting for my body. I can see myself pairing it with a blanket scarf and a simple coat to jazzing it up with some statement jewelry and heeled booties.

2015-10-24 12.53.39

And speaking of scarves, they are definitely one of my favourite fall/winter accessories to work with. You can call me obsessed; I have more than a couple on my wishlist as we speak. Scarves are incredibly versatile, acting as a scarf, shawl, or even blanket. I love thick knitted scarves on bone-chilling days and blanket scarves on days where the weather can be rather unpredictable – I’m looking at you, current weather situation.

This earthy herringbone-houndstooth piece works beautifully with dark solid colours to add a bit of life back into an outfit without grabbing too much attention. A subtle print is easy to match with solids and with other patterns, making my life easier as I find it difficult to pair prints with prints. I plan on pairing this piece with my all black ensembles, something in which I wear very often.

2015-10-24 12.54.19

And for my fellow dry skinned friends, finding a moisturizing, yet non-sticky body lotion can be difficult, as well as a soap that doesn’t leave you feeling like a dried prune. I received the two Lush products (shown above) as a gift from where I volunteer and I’m excited to see if these products deliver.

2015-10-24 12.55.09

Fall is not complete without a hot drink of choice and some comfort food. I’ve always been a fan of black teas, particularly earl grey tea, and I finally decided to give David’s Tea a try. This little box of 12 satchets was $10, so it’s not exactly your cheapest option for tea, but I believe that it’s good to give different things a try every now and then. And of course when I got to the till I simply could not resist the tea infused chocolate bar they had.

Those are my favourites for fall, let me know what yours are in the comments below!

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Dainty Jewellery

Move aside statement jewelry, dainty jewelry is back in town!

I have always been a lover of dainty jewelry, particularly dainty necklaces, so this current trend is right up my alley. Dainty necklaces have such a grace and class about them. They’re there to be a compliment to your outfit and to your style, but never to distract or to take away.

Unlike bold statement pieces, barely there pieces give you the option to stack up on multiple pieces to create a bold look or to wear only one for simplicity. There can always be a different look that you can create by layering different delicate pieces, whereas a statement necklace will always give the same feel because you can’t quite alter its appearance too much.

My favourite style of dainty necklaces would be the barely there ones. Necklaces that have an incredibly thin, delicate chain paired with the smallest of pendants are, in my eyes, perfect. I want my everyday necklaces to be so subtle that one cannot even really see them if they stand just a tiny bit too far from me.

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Unboxing: Tessa VirtuexHillberg and Berk – Harper necklace

Tessa Virtue x Hillberg and Berk

                                                                             Tessa Virtue x Hillberg and Berk

Words cannot describe the excitement I had when I discovered that Tessa Virtue would be collaborating with Hillberg and Berk to create her own jewelry collection. Not only is this a beautiful Canadian collaboration, but a collection that has been long overdue. I fell in love with Tessa and Scott after watching their 2006/2007 free dance to Valse Triste and have since been a huge fan and avid follower of their successes both on and off the ice.  Continue reading