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Summer Dilemma: Swimsuit Edition

It’s dreaded swimsuit season! I wrote a little post on my other blog about my dilemma, so click here to take a gander. I know many people struggle with this problem too, so I’ll love to hear what you have to say.



Beyond Traffic: Three Stats You Should Check Today

This was incredibly helpful, thank you!

The Blog

When you hear “stats,” most bloggers think “traffic,” and that makes sense. Many of us care about the number of views our posts receive, and want to see them grow. Blogging is never solely about numbers, though — it’s about making your voice heard, fostering relationships with others, and building a sense of community.

Approaching these goals with a data-informed mindset can get you closer to achieving them. Here are three stats that can help you make smart decisions when it comes to planning your posts and finding and engaging your readers. Whether you blog from a computer, a tablet, or your phone, take a few seconds to explore these on your own blog’s Stats tab.

A quarterly review

When reviewing your stats, it’s tempting to focus on the here and now: how did I do today? How many views did yesterday’s post get overnight? Periodically, though, it’s wise to fight…

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Writing Communities Connect Bloggers Across

Thanks for this post! This is incredibly helpful for those of us who are just getting started or need some feedback.

The Blog

We blog because we have something we want to express and we hope it will resonate with someone else. Blogging enables us to build powerful connections with people we might have never met otherwise.

There are lots of blogging communities and challenges aimed at fostering those relationships and inspiring more blogging. These three, all writing-focused, are building global networks of blogger-writers — maybe you’ll find a home in one!

Today’s Author

The mission of Today’s Author couldn’t be simpler, or more powerful: to foster a community of creative writers through a healthy and supportive environment.

write now

Today’s Author is an open, flexible community of writers focused on helping each other kick-start their pens (or keyboards). Their prompts work for a variety of bloggers, while their “Writers’ Circle” posts explore everything from what to do when inspiration dries up to strategies for editing your own work to how we incorporate our traditions and…

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Three Ways to Enhance Your Homepage

The Blog

Many people turn to to set up a website: either one that moves the blog from the homepage to showcase work in a different way, or off the site entirely to create a brochure site for their business. Today, we’ll look at three ways to make your homepage even more awesome.

(If you’re new to, welcome! Here’s some information about setting up a homepage on your site.)

Create a synopsis in your sidebar

textwidget When someone lands on your homepage, you have but a few seconds to help them understand precisely what your site is about. Text Widgets are a great way to display a few sentences that describe your site or your business offering, list your address and hours of operation, or even share a customer testimonial.

To add a Text Widget, go to Appearance → Widgets to drag the Text Widget into your sidebar and customize the…

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Beauty and Fashion Posts

I’m hoping to occasionally post outfit/fashion posts as well as beauty posts and I’m planning on doing so on my other blog, amediocrityproject. This decision to keep the two blogs fairly separate from each other is because I want to blog about, well basically anything that interests me, and I feel that if I put all of the different posts together on one blog it would be a mess.

If this is something that interests you, please visit amediocrityproject for more content. Thank you!